Flat tire

I was out in Canmore this weekend. This morning I discovered that I had a flat tire. It wasn’t a huge deal, I have an AMA membership but it did eliminate any possibility of popping by Banff. A gentleman in a van appeared quickly and got the spare on in no time. He told me that the max speed on the tire was listed at 80 km/h and that I would be in trouble if I went above 90.

I decided that taking the 1A home was probably my best bet. It’s slower and calmer, and the Bowfort construction has been a bit annoying so I’d been thinking of going that way before I discovered the flat. It just meant that I would be going 20 km/h below the speed limit most of the way. People would have to deal.

Going out to the mountains is a blast but driving on any of our highways in the Rockies is a terrible experience most of the time. People are crazy and aggressive. I usually get honked at at least once for going the speed limit. I don’t get when we became this crazy and aggressive people or when following laws became optional — yes speeding is as illegal as stabbing people. It makes it awful and stressful to try and go hiking because you have to deal with a bunch of people who somehow forgot that vehicles can kill you at highway speeds, and that we’re all sharing this space and need to find a way to make it work.

There wasn’t that much traffic on the 1A and I tried to pullover when I could. I wasn’t that concerned by it, I didn’t ask for a flat tire and I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. One car felt the need to give me the finger as they jetted by as if the five minutes I cost them was the worst thing possible. Apparently they lack the basic empathy to imagine that there is some sort of reason this vehicle is going slowly, must just be some idiot in your way.

I hate the way people drive in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Our traffic isn’t that bad but I get routinely honked at and sworn at for doing things like obeying traffic laws or waiting to turn until I can see clearly. These delays cost nothing yet people act like it’s the worst thing anyone has ever done around them. It’s not a race and I’m not ruining your life. We’re all just trying to get where we’re going. It would be nice to not act like an asshole on the way, and to make sure we actually get there alive and uninjured.


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