Fidget cube

I first heard about fidget toys, in the form of the fidget cube, when I saw a company that had done a Kickstarter to design one. I seriously thought about ordering one because at the time I was fidgeting with a mini-stapler and that seemed like a very high risk fidget strategy. Shipping was expensive and being a broke millennial I try to avoid making purchases unless I absolutely have to. I took the staples out of the mini-stapler and carried on.

The mini-stapler has gone somewhere — MARCOOOOOO — but it makes for the perfect fidget device. I open and close it and flip it around. I also like to take the plastic that goes around the outside edge of my phone off and on. My fidget style is basically opening and closing and spinning things.

I discovered that London Drugs carries fidget cubes and had to go out and buy one. It isn’t blue like the Kickstarter one but it was a whole lot cheaper. So far I am whelmed. There are some nice features to it. I can spin it around in my hands and some of the sides have cool things to do. Overall it lacks that opening and closing feature that something like a mini-stapler or bottle with a child lock has. I don’t think I’m about to jump on the fidget toy bandwagon just yet. The things I already have in my house are much better.


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