A beeping noise

My sister called me yesterday. It had been a while since we’d chatted so it was good to hear from her. My phone had been beeping throughout the day in part because I hadn’t charged it. My charger is currently plugged into one wall when it would be much better to plug it into another. I need to move some furniture to get to that outlet so I haven’t done it. Instead I keep not charging my phone.

Midway through our conversation my phone beeped and died. I sent her a Facebook message saying goodbye.

I should probably just deal with this. I am reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It’s a bit stuffy for my taste — seriously the list making and researching — but has some good information. One of her goals is to do things right away instead of leaving them for later. She finds that long to do lists and those tasks you put off make you miserable. Just dealing with stuff is a relief and a great step. I want to start doing more of that instead of letting things pile up. It’s not that hard. It’ll take five minutes.

I also thought of Jenny Lawson and her conclusion that if her life ever stopped being weird and she ever got her shit together then she’d have nothing to write about. If I cared more about the whole phone situation then maybe I’d be more motivated. I even have a whole category on this blog dedicated to how my phone is a gong show. Future employers be warned. This would totally be a valid what’s your weakness/downside as an employee answer right? My phone only kind of works, I don’t always charge it and I frequently don’t know where it is.


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