The saga of my phone continues. I hope that my readers enjoy it. Comment below. I am open to feedback.

My phone disappeared a couple of times today and I didn’t really do a whole lot about it.

The first time I was using it to direct me to Fiasco Gelato, where they tragically didn’t have the cinnamon toast crunch I wanted to go specifically to eat, and was pleasantly surprised that I was in fact going in the right direction and on the correct street. It probably says something bad about me that I get really excited when I am going to the right place when navigating. I pulled over to pick up my friend who I was going to meet as she was walking from the bus. Somehow this interaction caused my phone to fall but I couldn’t figure out where it had gone. About five hours later I found it wedged next to my seat. Who knew.

The five hours didn’t make much of a difference in my life and no one urgently needed to contact me — I don’t feel particularly busy or important and can’t honestly imagine how having immediate access to me is vital, things can generally wait. Especially since it’s shorts season and my shorts funnel cellphones out of the pockets so I have to keep them in bags or shove them random places it was probably easier and I wouldn’t have noticed if someone had tried to reach me.

After relocating my phone I came home and I honestly have no idea where my phone is. It could be anywhere in the house but I haven’t seen it. I might look for it. I might not. We’ll see.


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