Thirds: Why it’s so hard to build transit in Canada

For everyone angry about the Green Line route the way we fund public transit in Canada is broken and incredibly flawed. That’s why this is happening. It takes years to decide to build part of a line. Oh yeah and phase 1 still doesn’t have provincial funding.

Making three levels of government agree to a plan before it goes through guarantees that we rarely build the transit infrastructure we need. The thirds system sucks and cities deserve the ability to fund transit themselves.

In other places — France for example — they could’ve built two or three lines in the time it’s taken us to decide to do part of a line. That’s because French cities have the taxation powers needed to pay for transit.

Get angry at Chu for not standing up for his ward and Centre Street. Then again folks in Ward 4 voted for a guy who hates active transportation and this is what you get.

Be angry at your MLA, Premier, MP and Prime Minister for not treating cities like the vital things they are and giving them the power to make their own choices and build the transit they need.

Sadly this is the best that we can do as far as routes go and it’ll be a huge struggle to get this much built.


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