Kingmakers and vote splitters

The BC election a couple of days ago didn’t go as badly as I’d expected it to. There was a strong Green campaign so I figured Christy Clark would sneak through to another term.

She may have, we will see. News will come in a week or two.

The saddest thing about all of this is that if it weren’t for the Greens (or FPTP) the NDP would’ve won in a landslide. They had to work way harder to try and eek out each vote to make up for what the Green Party was taking. They lost at least 16 seats to vote splitting. 16 seats in an election decided by one or two. Take a minute to think about that.

I appreciate what Elizabeth May has done in this country and think that a Green Party is a nice idea. There’s just no room for one so long as we have FPTP. The strong Green campaign will potentially hand power to a party dead set on destroying the environment and spewing as many GHGs into the atmosphere as possible. Christy Clark could care less about orcas and wild salmon runs. This is everything the Green Party doesn’t want. If Clark wins the environment loses.

Until we get electoral reform the left needs to get its act together. The NDP and Greens have far more in common than divides them. Why not work together to get power and then implement electoral reform?

Just because the left cares about the environment and investing in services doesn’t mean we can’t get our act together and learn to play the game. Right now we’re a bunch of amateurs that conservatives walk all over. The right all over Canada is united or uniting and the left is divided. We will never win elections this way.

I like social democracy because it is sensible and pragmatic? Why can’t our left wing parties also be sensible and pragmatic? You can have all the ideals in the world but if you’re always in opposition it doesn’t mean much. Let’s unite the left and then have a real chance at actually changing things.


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