ALERT: This post contains spoilers about the show Girlboss. They will either confuse you or ruin things for you.

Last night I came home post nachos and post a margarita and a daiquiri and felt like some Netflix. I have a general tendency to end up hating whatever show I’m watching after a certain threshold of episodes and didn’t really feel like actually watching any of them. What I needed was a new show, a show that wasn’t too serious, a show befitting of slushie alcoholic beverages.

Someone posted an article that was a take down of the lady who Girlboss is about. It was a clumsy takedown that said various untrue things about millennials based on the fact that one entrepreneur failed to scale up their business. The people of said group were generally very displeased with this vague generalized bashing of a generation that generally gets bashed even though our lives are hard and the boomers destroyed everything.

I’d never heard of Nasty Gal Vintage or Girlboss of any of that stuff before the article. Apparently while her business struggled — damn those country dresses — she did get a Netflix show. I clicked and proceeded to watch five episodes.

The show is decent and well done and San Fran is nice. Overall the main character seems like a pretty awful person. She’s selfish and steals and acts like there are no consequences and that rules don’t apply to her. I don’t know anyone like her or don’t think I’d feel a strong desire to be friends with her. She’s young but she’s pretty bossy and pretty awful to some people. She’s the type of girl who ends a date by running off and thinking about herself and her problems. It’s fun but it’s not about you.

The most relateable thing about her is her fear of bridges, which I share to an extent. I can walk across bridges but not always talk and act normal. Bikes and bridges can be a challenge. It depends on the bridge but big ones that make me feel exposed are not a good time.

I will keep watching and hoping that she grows up a bit. There will always be more daiquiris.


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