Goodbye for now

I joined Society6 a little over two years ago when I was living in Vancouver. I was looking for ways to get my photography out there and a bunch of my favourite artists were on there. It’s been surprisingly good to me. I’m not about to start paying my bills with what I earn off Society6 but I do get a trickle of money and the validation of knowing that my work is good enough that people would actually purchase it. My work is on pillows and prints and wall tapestries in strangers homes.

Sadly uploading to Society6 has always been a nightmare. For a long time I sat down and made each individual little file, an endless and painful process. I have spent far too many hours of my life on this. I ran out of enthusiasm last year some time in the spring and was waiting for the new uploader to come along. It doesn’t seem that much better. So far it’s been frustrating to use. Maybe one day when I get a full-framed camera I’ll go back to it but for now the Canon Rebel files I’ve been using all these years aren’t work well.

I think it’s time for me and Society6 to take a break. I might come back one day but for now I’ll be hitting pause. My store will still be there and strangers are still magically placing orders. I just won’t be adding anything.

I thought Smugmug was going to be the answer to my questions but the platform has so far been very disappointing. If they had a blogging feature and more flexible design I’d love it but they don’t.

I’ve been meaning to explore Redbubble for a while now. The uploader is much simpler than Society6’s. Maybe that is the future for my on demand sales. It’s a bit scary leaving a place where I’ve invested a lot of effort and built a following but it’s time to take the plunge. Wish me luck.


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