Wherever you may find me

I’ve been lame about blogging recently. I mean to do better but I just haven’t.

The biggest problem is that I’ve been trying to figure out where to put up all my content. I do all these things in all these different mediums. I’d love to be able to merge them all into one rocking blog but images take up loads of space so that’s a problem. I like being on WordPress but I don’t want to pay to put images up here. I’ve thought about a Squarespace but I’m not sure — if you have one and are a multidisciplinary creative creature like me please comment I need advice. Lots and lots of advice.

I want to blog more. I will blog more. I might even try to blog every day this month. I like monthly goals so that’s totally doable.

I have no idea what the future of putting up my content looks like so I’ve been letting myself drift while trying to figure it out. I’d love to have it live in one place forever and ever and have that be it but it seems like I’ll probably keep bouncing from platform to platform, especially when it comes to my photography.

If you have something you’re using and you love it or have a place you’d like me to live let me know. I welcome feedback like a back being fed. On second thought you should probably leave because there will be more bad jokes wherever you may find me.


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