Top up

My old phone provider had an awesome automatic top up feature. It was easy to use and I got ten per cent off for using it. Since switching providers I have not set up the same feature. I always mean to but don’t.

I get a text a few days before I need to top up and I’m like great I’ll totally do that. Then I’m like it’s okay you have a few days. Then I completely forget about the text. The next couple of days go by fine with nothing more. Then the day comes for my plan to renew and of course there is no credit because I never topped up. I spend that day out somewhere needing my phone and the Internet and not having it.

Today I was on the way to Calgary Expo listening to Spotify when I realized that I was cut off. No more music, data or being reachable for me. I thought about going to the downtown library but figured I’d find some wifi on the Stampede grounds if I was desperate.

Not having access to data is annoying. Not being reachable is almost nice especially since anyone close to me should assume that there is a good chance my phone won’t be working on any given day. It should just be an unspoken thing at this point in time. Like when my sister texted me after I did manage to top up my account — I still have not enabled automatic top up because I’m sure I’ll remember before the end of the month — and I replied with my phone works again. That’s cool. She was all oh your phone wasn’t working and I was like of course it wasn’t working. Why would MY phone work?

This time it was my fault that it didn’t work so that’s better than when it just doesn’t function and I resent the low quality standards we have for the tech we depend on that consumes vast amounts of precious resources.

In a month I’ll let you know how the top up situation goes. I’d like to think I’ll deal with it but then again who really needs a working phone?


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