Spring cleaning

Some people would argue that Christmas is the most magical time of the year but they would be wrong. Yes, there are nice things about Christmas time especially having lived in two European cities that go all out in December. I’m not saying it’s not a nice time of the year — looking at you November — I’m just saying that there is another time that shines about all the others.

That time is now. The snow is melting and the true marker of spring is here: street sweepers. They are quite possibly the greatest thing that municipal government does for us. They take all the dirt and grime of winter and leave us with nice clean streets. They tell us all that our winter coats will be seeing a lot less use and that everything is going to be wonderful for the next couple of months.

Yes, it will snow but it won’t stay. It is a time for enjoying life and getting things done. The long dark winter is over and everything is sparkling and clean. At least our streets are.


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