A phone call

My voicemail has now been changed. Instead of a long message about how my phone works now I just say, “This is Rhi leave a message.” That seems so much more appropriate.

It wasn’t even that hard to change. That being said I did get two helpful phone calls from people. The first was from my sister and lead me to my elusive voicemail. Apparently I have to dial a phone number instead of just 1.

The other was from a friend. My first thought when people call me is that there is some sort of crisis because why else would you call someone who clearly hates their phone and doesn’t like talking to people on the phone. Sometimes I’ll do the not answer and then text sorry I missed your call thing twenty minutes later. It’s super subtle I know.

When I was like is everything okay he was like you asked people to call you and I was like oh yeah right I can barely function in modern society that’s why you’re calling me. Then we chatted and it was nice. It reminded me of those few moments in high school when I’d talk on the phone with friends. Mostly we messaged or texted. I talked to an older millennial about this and they suspect that the five year gap between me and them is the difference is willingness to use phones. They actually called their friends growing up and I never did.


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