The wrong number

For someone who gets paid to work in social media I have an appallingly poor grasp of how my phone works. Or I have an appallingly poor relationship with my phone. Most of the time I want to smash it into the ground or toss it into bodies of water.

My old phone barely worked. My new one also barely works. It works better now that I’ve had it fixed but still just barely. Maybe I barely work and that’s really the problem. Or between the two of us we only have a third of a functional phone.

I am trying to just embrace these problems and muddle through them. Who really cares if your phone can do basic things? It’s not important. Currently I can’t figure out how to change my voicemail message — the previous one is about how my phone probably isn’t working so you should email me if you want to actually reach me. My phone does work — more or less — so the message needs to be changed but so far I can’t think of how to change it without getting a voicemail. I’m waiting for that to happen. (If you know my number feel free to call me and leave a message.)

Another weird thing that happened when I got the phone was I saved one of my friends as the number of another friend. I’ve been trying really hard to remember that the two are switched and I don’t actually have the number of one of my close friends but sometimes I forget. I just messaged the name that the number is saved with about our hiking plans for tomorrow and they were very confused. Then I remembered that the number belongs to somebody else and is not the friend it’s saved with. I’m sure this is confusing and annoying but it happens. Now having failed big time I found out how to change it, which meant deleting the name it was falsely saved under and creating a new person. All is well other than the fact that I can’t contact the person who I deleted not that I ever had their number in this process.

I also have a friend who is saved as an old number that I know someone else now has. I know this because I have wrong number called and texted them more than once and they seem to find it annoying. I still don’t have the right number and I’m not about to deal with it.

My phone and I are trying to work out our issues. The only thing worse than having a phone is not having a phone.


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