We march

Today was the day after the big bad day we’d all been dreading. Having learned from Brexit I didn’t indulge in denial or bargaining like many others. The election was the end. That was the decision. For most of the last few months social media has been depressing and it has felt like the world is falling apart. Today it didn’t feel that way.

Today we went out and said that we were not okay with the way things are. We marched. We protested. It’s nice to see so many people, especially average folks who aren’t really the protesting types, going out and doing something. In Canada we don’t get a vote but we do have the ability to get together and show our presence. Just by being together we can build on the pain of the last few months in a positive way.

It makes me feel hopeful and optimistic because there are so many people out there who feel the same way I do and are willing to do something about it. It’s nice to be surrounding by people who care and want to see the world move forward. There’s the problem of carrying it on but today I feel like the world is a less dark place, that there is pain and suffering but also forward motion.


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