$85 pullovers

Somewhere along the way Calgary has begun to feel like a city, a place, somewhere hip even. Maybe it was when we got past the one million mark, which is enough to change any city. Maybe it was when outdoorsy hipster chique happened.

It’s a particular subset of hipster style that is great for people in the Pacific Northwest and weekend warriors in the Rockies. With the ever present mountains as our backyard and Canada’s identity tied up in our vast wilderness rather than the urban spaces we actually live in it’s a perfect fit. Several Calgary companies have gotten in on it.

First, was Camp Brand Goods. Nothing says I’m with it quite like one of their $90 crewnecks. Others have followed. Part of me wants to buy their stuff because heck I love the outdoorsy hipster chique. I grew up in Calgary and aspire to return to Vancouver when someone there wants to pay me enough to live there and not cry when buying groceries. I like practical clothes. I hike. I want to get into kayaking and ultra-light weight backpacking. I do landscape photography.

But geez guys. $90 for a product that is at most worth $50. Are you fricking kidding me? When did we become a city filled with overpriced local identity paraphernalia? Do I want a cool Calgary t-shirt? Of course. Even if I was rolling in the dough would I be prepared to fork over $50 or $60 for it? Probably not.

So I am begging you please price your products affordably. You will have lower margins but you will move more of it. I just can’t spend almost $100 on something that I’ll probably spill coffee or sauce on. Or something I can make myself for $20.

(Shootout to Local Laundry who charge $65 for a hoodie and $60 for a crewneck. Not cheap but not $90.)


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