NaNoWriMo and anouncements of sort

We are now on day 4 of NaNoWriMo, which I am doing a slightly different version of. I may or may not have started writing a travel book based on the Trans Siberian adventure I did with my dad and sister a couple of years ago that I never told anyone about. I had a name in mind for a potential book before I even left and decided that if I want to do some travel writing the chance was too good to pass up. I wrote it by hand in three or four notebooks while I was living in Vancouver. Before leaving for grad school I started typing it up but could always find something more fun to do ā€” because typing up stuff you wrote out by hand is a party ā€” and have done a lame job of getting back into it. So instead of doing a NaNoWriMo I am doing national edit the already written but not terribly readable manuscript you have month (NAETAWBNTRMYHMO). It’s a bit wordy but probably more suitable for my purposes ā€” I don’t really need another manuscript that I will never deal with.

It’s been relatively easy to get back into. The hard part of these things tends to be the starting. It’s also a lot better than I remember it being. It needs work obviously but it doesn’t make me feel like vomiting reading it back to myself. When I was writing the first draft it felt a bit awkward and stilted. I have read a lot of travel writing. I know what good travel writing sounds like. Hopefully I can slowly nudge it closer towards that. I’ve read that the hardest part of being a young creative is that you know what you want to do but you don’t know how to do it. That is true of many of aspects of my life.

I’ve also decided to just hit the launch button on my Patreon page. It’s something I keep putting off dealing with because they want me to put up a video and I have never done video before and don’t really want to learn how to do video. So I decided to just get going and put up the video later. This is my soft Patreon launch. But really soft like cotton candy or the fur on the underbelly of a hedgehog.


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