I modify poppies

Remembrance day is coming up again, which means that many Canadians are faced with the awkward decision of whether and how to wear a poppy. I was trained to wear one as a high school debater but am never sure whether or not it’s worth it. Let’s face it the design of Canadian poppies is terrible. It’s up there with Norman doors in the most poorly designed products of all time. There are simple hacks that you can do but some people get offended by them. They are very puritanical about the horribly designed product and says it’s disrespectful.

For me there are two choices. I either modify the poppy or skip it. I will not wear the poppy as is because I don’t like being stabbed repeatedly for the ten minutes it takes the thing to fall off. Usually I’ll wear a Canada flag pin or a maple leaf pin through the middle. No stabbing, no falling. Perfect. I have  a pin I received at a debate tournament in high school made from copper from the old roof of Parliament that I think I will wear this year to protect myself against accusations of being a horrible Canadian for improving upon a flawed design.

Some of you will be nodding your head and saying I also hate the design and modify it. Others will be about to explode with anger saying that the design is the one true design and I’m being disrespectful. To you I say this: Remembrance Day is about remembering those who sacrificed for this country and appreciating what we have. They died and fought and were injured for my rights and freedoms including my right to modify badly designed products and to say what I think. I am exercising and appreciating those rights by doing this.

If that doesn’t convince you then I have another suggestion. Please design a poppy that isn’t so annoying and painfully defective. It’s really just the middle poky bit that sucks. The rest is great. When you have a better design then you can talk.


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