A theory of names

It used to be that when a couple got married the woman took the man’s name. Fortunately it’s 2016 so that has changed. It still happens fairly frequently but it’s not a given anymore. Then there are those time where dudes marry dudes and dudettes marry dudettes and they have to decide what to do. I know one such couple who are thinking about getting married. They like the idea of hyphenating but both want their last name to go first.

There are many ways to settle this problem but my personal theory is that you should go with whatever sounds the coolest. Say you have a horrible last name and can’t wait to get rid of it. Then get rid of it. Hopefully your future partner will have a better one. Or you can give your kids whatever name will sound better.

This is a subjective matter so it’s hard to say one way or another what to go with. One example of this that I learned of recently is Jane Jacobs. She wanted to keep her last name but couldn’t resist the appeal of the alliteration. I think she made the right call.


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