Get off my lawn or why concerts would be a lot more fun if people could just behave decently

I went to a concert tonight. It was to see Boy & Bear, a band I have seen before and quite enjoy. They are stylish and musical. I know most of their songs. I was going with a friend I don’t get to see enough of.

Still, I always go to concerts like this with a bit of trepidation. I’m supposed to enjoy myself but there are all these pesky things that get in the way. The main one being that unless you are in the front row — in which case you have to contend with being shoved and unable to go to the bathroom for several hours — you can only kind of see the band. And only if the people in front of you are decent enough to stand relatively still in a staggered way. If you are lucky you can leave a little bit of space and enjoy yourself.

Since I was going with somebody else I decided to adopt a chill approach rather than a front row or pout approach. My friend arrived just before the opening act went on so the front row was out of the question so I would deal. And deal I did until a gaggle of horrid girls shoved their way in front of me and my friend and all the happy concert goers in my general area. They spent the rest of the concert taking photos and videos of the band, taking selfies, flipping their hair and generally shoving everyone around them. There has never been a better time for an anvil or a handful of people more deserving. The problem with concerts is that you inevitably deal with those horrible hair flipping girls who should’ve been at a One Direction concert instead or somebody who shoves past like you don’t exist. Any respect for the fact that there were people standing there enjoying themselves before they were shoved aggressively aside to make for better Snapchats never occurred to these girls. A vortex of annoyance spread around them as we adjusted to get away from them and salvage the night.

Sadly this is what happens at concerts. Instead of enjoying the band you wrestle with jerks for position to be able to glimpse one or two members of the band between the heads. I want to say that this is fun but it just isn’t. I like to sit and see and be able to leave and come back. I hate most of what it means to go to these concerts. It becomes harder and harder to justify the time and money because other people tend to suck. As I said to the friend I was with shortly after the girls arrived if they wanted us to be comfortable they would’ve booked a venue with chairs.

It makes me feel old. Just like being 26 and past the promising young thing into the sad and lost and will never be employable thing makes me feel old. This summer I decided that hostels are the worst and not fun or a good deal. Soon I will be yelling at kids to get off my lawn or just telling those horrible girls in front of me that I was here first and they can get lost.


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