Penny candy for the road

There are a couple of places I always like to go in Canmore. There’s the bagel place — which I’ve recently come to realize charges way too much for the products they sell even though I still go back — and the bookstore. One favourite is the convenience store for a nice sugar infusion before enduring the pain of highway driving.

They are one of the last places around that does truly old school penny candy. You can still pick it out and not pay $3.50 for a bag of less than $1.00 worth of candy you didn’t even get to pick out yourself. Since getting home I’ve gone there three times. The first I got to load up on Dinosours (because let’s be honest they’re like crack and the only penny candy I really care about). They do it on a weight based system, which usually ends up coming back to haunt you because you don’t know how much it’ll cost until you bring it up to the counter. The first time it was $0.50 for way more than that worth of candy. I was psyched. It was a total score.

The second time I decided to go a bit crazy and ended up paying $2.50 for not $2.00 more worth of candy. I suspected that they were randomly making stuff up because that’s a pretty big difference. Today they had no Dinosours so I guess that’s the end. It’s for the best. I am supposed to be cutting back on sugar.


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