Blink and you’ll miss it. Five, ten, fifteen minutes. That’s all you get. For some reason I love shorts. Specifically I love going to shorts bundles. Whenever the chance comes along. Right now that means CIFF. I’m trying to go to as many of the shorts packages as I can.

Generally with shorts you get two really good ones, two really horrible ones and the rest are somewhere in between. The two good ones can be worth all the rest if you get lucky.

The upside is that they’re short. If one happens to be bad you don’t have to endure that much or walkout. If you’re lucky a couple of people sitting near you will be muttering WTF to themselves or whoever they came with and it will be a pleasant distraction.

If the short is interesting or neat or meh you can sit and enjoy what it’s trying to do.

And when it’s good it’s good. You get a flash of greatness. Something brief and magical that your thoughts can flash back to later o.

Besides unlike picking out and committing to a feature you are getting a random grab bag preselected for you. No research and minimal commitment required.


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