Dear Netflix: from outside the Centre of the Universe

Dear Netflix,

I feel snubbed. I live in Calgary so I am used to this feeling but still.

I was excited when I heard that various coffee shops in America would be converted into Luke’s Diner to celebrate the anniversary of Gilmore Girls. I even checked where the cafe in Montana was located before deciding that a job interview is probably a better idea and that driving all that way probably isn’t worth it. Then I heard that they would be in Canada too.

I shouldn’t have bothered looking at the Canadian list because even though Netflix felt that each American state needed to represented they didn’t feel the same way about Canada. In fact they didn’t really bother with us at all. We get five locations. One is in Vancouver and you guessed it the other four are in Toronto. Because Toronto is the only place in the entire country that you could host a Luke’s. Instead of spreading the love and making sure that everywhere was represented they plonked it into Toronto and left the rest of us to feel neglected like we always do.

Now we know it’s not your fault Toronto but this is why you get called the Centre of the Universe and why a lot of people who reside outside your glorious orbit kind of hate you or at the very least mildly resent you. You’re like the cool older sibling that always does things right and gets all the love. We’re the ones who could disappear and no one would notice.

Calgary is Canada’s fourth or fifth largest city depending on how you count it. Montreal may have been snubbed because some of them speak French and they aren’t as good of an audience. Ottawa are close enough to all those Toronto locations that you can almost make it seem okay.

Calgary no. We have 1.3 million people plus a bunch of other people living somewhat nearby. Potentially all of western Canada and Alberta. Anchorage, Alaska has a population of 300,000 so a whole million fewer people than Calgary. They get a Luke’s. The entire population of the state of Alaska is around 740,000 so still less than Calgary.

So yeah I feel a bit snubbed. Like I don’t exist or matter because I’m not Toronto. Because as far as the world is concerned Canada only has two or three cities. Throw one in Vancouver and a few in Toronto and you’ve covered all 35 million of us right?


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