Getting back on the mat

It’s been a while since I did yoga, which was partially the result of a conscious decision. In Edinburgh I lived next door to the university gym so I wanted to get as much out of having access to its facilities as possible. I started doing Youtube yoga because it is free and I can do it in the comfort of my room. I really enjoy being in gyms. I spent a large part of my adolescence training at camps and my fencing club. It feels natural and fun. Unfortunately gyms are some of the most corrupt and skeezy businesses. I joined the World Health Club once and it was not a great experience — up there with Virgin Mobile in the list of companies that took my money and ruined my day.

Now that I no longer have easy access to an elliptical I am trying to get back to yoga. I find it relaxing as well as extremely demanding — haters may brush it off as new age crap but it is a very intense workout even if you don’t notice until the day after. While in school I didn’t have time to be as in shape as I want to be and I want yoga to be a part of getting back to that.

The forty minute workout I did the other night was a reminded of just how out of shape I am. I perhaps should’ve chosen a shorter and easier one but that is not the Rhi approach to life. I will hopefully be doing yoga two or three times a week going forward and will be able to eventually get through the entire video without collapsing in a heap and muttering you’ve got to be kidding me under my breath. I have a sneaky suspicion that my online yoga lady is trying to kill me.


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