15 years

It’s been 15 years. It’s a bit hard to believe. We can all remember where we were. I was getting ready for school. In class our teacher told us to write a journal entry about the day because it was important and would change everything.

I was in the sixth grade.

There were the 24 hour news networks and being shown the same footage over and over again. I don’t know if I really understood it.

Everything changed in part because certain people changed it. In part because certain people changed nothing. The Americans repeated the same patterns as before and spawned new instability and threats. Today they drop bombs from drones and I wonder why we never learn.

The world got darker and worse on that day. Today I feel less safe and certain than ever before. New anniversaries pile up to the point where both me and my father celebrate birthdays on the same day as terrorist attacks on the West. I sometimes wonder how long it will be until I know someone who is there for one.

Some kids have grown up in this world and never known a time when their country was not at war. Today we drown in crises of our own making whether they’re wars we should’ve known better than to start or rising tides or racists getting away with hate. This is the darkest timeline.

It is important to mark these days. They have such an impact on all of us. It is equally important to ask how the last fifteen years have gone and whether the world seems any better. The answer is mostly no. The next question has to be why and how we plan to make the 20th, 30th and 50th anniversaries ones where we might be able to say yes.


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