Life in flat 1

If I’d been given a choice as to which flat I wanted to live in I would not have chosen this one. It’s fine enough but imperfect in a variety of ways. One of which is that it is flat 1.

It is partially on the ground floor with a balcony and window that are exposed to a pathway that anyone with a key or a will to get in can access. I don’t like this. The RA I live with told us that there was a break in in this flat last year after they forgot to lock the deadbolt. One of the best arguments for ground floor retail is that it avoids the unpleasantness of ground floor flats and the inherent break in risks.

The section that my roommates live in is on the first floor — because hills if you’re wondering. People walking by can see into their rooms and they don’t like it. I don’t think it’s a huge deal but it’s not ideal. Our living room is perfectly located so that people on the second level of the tourist buses can see into it for a brief second as they pass from Holyrood House to the Royal Mile. Sometimes we wave. Sometimes we just watch them.

We’re also perfectly located so that we hear the beeping of construction machines endlessly backing up for construction across the street at North. I know it was much worse last year but it’s not ideal now. The flats on our corner of the building are the main ones that are disrupted by this.

I’d like to live in one of the flats higher up that either has a view down the street or of Arthur’s seat. There’s this beautiful park and we know it’s there. They get to see it all the time. Some kitchens and living rooms overlook our nice courtyard. We get machines backing up and part of the gym’s wall.

The biggest downside of living in flat 1 is that we are number 1. If a delivery person, friend or drunk resident needs to get in and wants to press a random number to buzz them in most of the time it’s us. I’ll let delivery people in but not people I don’t know. They’re just annoying.

Then there’s the mail. We get a lot of random mail. Some of it’s probably from people who used to live here. Some of it’s probably from people who didn’t know their flat number and just put in one because it’s the first thing that comes up. If it was just me here I’d return it all to sender but somebody said they wanted to post it the Facebook group and ask if it belonged to anyone. They never did so instead it sits in a pile on the coffee table.

Note: This was originally written in October 2015 and scheduled for after my move out date so that I would not be effectively giving out my address to people


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