Trudeau’s photographer

My sister recently sent me a really interesting article about Trudeau’s photographer Adam Scotti that appeared in the Globe and Mail. While an overall interesting read there were a couple of things that bugged me about it.

First, there is one point where it mentions that Scotti shoots in raw as those it’s special and fancy.

That extends to arcane technical details, like the fact that he shoots his digital files in “raw,” meaning that the final image is exactly what the lens captured, unadulaterated by the camera’s special effects.

It’s not. He is a professional photographer and that’s the industry standard. It’s like saying a writer uses Microsoft Word for documents.

Second, it talks about how he’s only 27 and talks about how he’s done so well so young. Maybe this is more just my frustrations about life projected onto it but as a struggling aspiring photographer who is 26 I find it hard to relate to a narrative of a successful photographer who was lucky enough to meet the future PM while attending university. That’s a path available to at most one person in the country at any point in time and it sure doesn’t seem like it’s about to happen to me. It’s nice that some people get places at really young ages but I’m increasingly skeptical I’ll have a stable job by thirty and am still several thousand dollars away from a full professional set of camera gear. I didn’t start getting really into photography and figuring out my gear until after I finished my undergrad. All the people I know who were hardcore student newspaper photographers and further down the road than me aren’t huge successes and most of them make a living some other way. We have this obsession with doing well young as a society and it makes it harder to keep plugging along and trusting that things will work out one day. It’s a great and informative read but it’s a fairly exceptional example of success as a photographer.

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