Last hurrahs and goodbyes

This city feels so in sync with all of us students these days. The festivals are almost over and everyone seems to be ready for one last big hurrah before the summer ends. It’s almost time to say goodbyes, for one last performance and then off to whatever is next.

Right now it’s bursting at the seams with British tourists staying in the UK for the bank holiday due to weak pound. The Royal Mile is packed and restaurants that have never been lined up before are our the door. On Monday it all ends. Then everything comes down and the next crop of students come in for a new year.

We are packing up and tired. Looking for jobs. They arrive happy and excited. Optimistic and fumbling their way through the city. I feel like I know this place. Today I have given people directions and explained historic facts. I took short cuts and breezed through crowds with hands out for a penguin waddle.

A couple of nights ago I walked up the Crags before some plans. They are right near my flat and such a beautiful spot. Every time I go up them I feel so at peace and so removed from the rest of the city even though it is right there below me. All my troubles — will anyone ever hire me, is this piece of paper going to be worth it — melted away. Instead I got to look down on the city and think about how much I love this place. The people definitely. The coursework not so much.  This city will shift and evolve. The new group will come in and discover places. I get to keep these year of these streets and add another place to my list of homes. I have a couple of days left before it all comes down.


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