Perfect timing

I say this frequently and have probably posted it elsewhere in the allegedly clever ramblings that are this blog but as far as music is concerned I born in the absolute perfect time. The ’90s were a magical time to be a kid. There were boybands and Aqua and Weezer and alt-rock and Power 107 (which played today’s best music now show me my money). There were Big Shiny Tunes and a new canon to covet and memorize and play in loops.

There were those awkward junior high days when my sister took me back in time and taught me a solid history. Then there was indie, back when it meant a little bit more than just the alt charts. Those were the days. I had copies of NME and Q. Music wasn’t as easy to get as it is now but I ate up every last bit I could. I passed along my favourite cds to friends and we developed a soundtrack to high school that remains as great as it was then. These tunes stand up. They can get you through anything even an endless stream of maps.

Nowadays music seems limitless. There is so much of it and more coming. You can get your hands on anything you want and it’s all totally legal and free — inane ads aside. The economy may be terrible, I may never get a real job or own a home, but the tunes are great.

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