Ted out

I’ve been rewatching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I wanted something light after Orphan Black and I never kept track of it well enough to find out what happened. Frankly I wanted to see the mother. Today I did. It took eight seasons. That is a good long time.

But this isn’t about the overdrawn somewhat tedious plot line that is How I Met Your Mother — a lot better in theory than when your show becomes a hit and you have to stretch it out. It’s about Ted and his whole attitude towards life. He wants kids. And by kids he wants a wife and a family and all those lovely things. Many people in this world want those things or aspire to them or are told they want them and seem okay with that. The only problem is that you can’t plan them. You just have to wait and try your best.

There are no guarantees in life especially when it comes to meeting the right person and having kids. So all those pressures the world puts on us and some people put on themselves are crazy. Ted spends all his time feeling sad and lonely and impatient instead of enjoying his wonderful circle of friends — seriously if only sit com characters knew how lonely us in the real world are. If he spent less time worrying and more time enjoying his life he’d still end up in the same place. So for everybody out there stop putting so much pressure on yourself stop planning and plotting and expecting things to happen that you have no control over. If they happen great. If they don’t you’ll be fine. Just chill out. Or you’ll be that sad whiny guy at the bar wasting the best years of his life trying to jump past things.


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