The power of myth

I’ve never been much for mythology. I know the basics that crop up in pop culture but not much beyond that. Some writing seeps with myth and I always admire it knowing it’s not the type of thing I could ever create myself. I’m more of a pop culture and politics type. Ancient myths are not my jam.

I just finished watching the first two seasons of Orphan Black on Netflix. I hear there are more but they are not on Netflix so I am not sure if they exist to me. The farther along you go the more things unravel and get deeper. The farther along you go the more you get hints of mythology and symbolism. Leda and Castor. These are things I had to look up on Wikipedia.

It reminds me of reading Sandman, which is so tied to mythology it couldn’t exist without it. These myths become such a part of the fabric of it. Or how JK Rowling puts references and myths into everything. She was a classics major after all.


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