Lazy humour

It’s an easy joke to make. You hear it all the time. People talk about how much they hate working out or how terrible it is to do physical activity. We live in a culture where it’s an easy punchline to say that you would go to the gym but you’d rather sit around in your jimjams watching Netflix. The problem is that when you live in a culture like this people think it’s totally normal not to be physically active. It’s the type of culture where obesity rates are skyrocketing and we forget that humans are active creatures with bodies made to move around. It validates a lazy society where working out is the exception or something that one has to put a lot of effort into rather than a routine part of daily life. I find it hard to laugh because the underlying values to it are just sad — kind of like how every time a show makes fun of public transit I frown at the messages it is sending to everyone.


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