Oh no

There are certain things that happened last semester that I am seeking not to repeat. Things like eating full bags of Tesco popcorn in one sitting and binge watching all of Jessica Jones in 48 hours. One of my roommates (who does a seemingly infinite number of things including playing for every soccer team known to man) stays up late. We all ended up on a weird rhythm that made it perfectly normal to be up at 4 am and all nighters not really possible since we were up anyways. A few times I walked into the kitchen and found him there. I’d think to myself what the hell are you doing here and then be forced to think the same thing about myself.

I told myself this semester would be different partially because I have to get up at 9 am and be functional three times a week and so far it’s been a nightmare. Once over my jet lag I wanted to adjust to a normal person schedule. Here I am at 1:28 am “getting ready” for bed. Alas. How does this happen to me?

There’s always tomorrow night.


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