I’m pretty sure LinkedIn is conspiring against me. I’ve been told repeatedly by people at least ten years older than me that it is useful for something or other (one day I’ll figure out what exactly that is). Due to my fear of unemployment and strong desire to have some sort of money coming in as soon as possible after graduating I’ve been going on LinkedIn just in case it really is useful. All the links I share on Twitter have been going up there and I aspire to add a volunteer section.

For the first while LinkedIn was pumped to have me around. My links were getting views and my profile was up an encouragingly large percentage. These were nice virtual high fives that rewarded me with more than being able to feel that I was making an effort. Now LinkedIn is telling me I suck. My profile is down. The sad percentage drop like a parent tell me they’re disappointed with me. I don’t think I deserve this. Mocking me seems like a bad strategy if LinkedIn wants me to dutifully come back all the time. Jerks.

Also, I have no idea what my profile rank means. Please enlighten m


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