For those who were extremely concerned (I know there were many of you based on my non-existent views) I have acquired a new hole puncher. My Marxist readings and other things written by saner people can now be neatly organized and stowed away.

I was at Blackwells, the academic bookstore of happiness, that is near campus. The Blackwells at Heriot-Watt was my favourite thing about Heriot-Watt other than the beautiful campus and the fact that the coffee shop served really cheap eggnog lattes. It was small but had everything you need to fix a bad day or kill twenty minutes. I was at the one near the University of Edinburgh because I was picking up a book for a book club my housing is starting. I don’t really have time to read it but I can’t resist a good book club. I was directed to the first floor I’d never explored before and found a paradise. This place is magic. Truly magic. Good with just one floor. Perfection at two. If only the Cafe Nero could have apricot croissants in stock.


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