That awkward online shopping moment

Thanks in part to Amazon Prime for students (the set up didn’t work for me and the alternative is highly invasive but my roommates have it) and general desire to nap and not leave the house I have gotten into the online shopping lifestyle. Before you get to judging me and thinking I am going to be in financial difficulty it’s not like that. In fact it’s the opposite. These are small everyday purchases I could easily make within a twenty minute walk of my home and should probably just go outside to get. The other day I thought about ordering a single black Sharpie (with free shipping obviously). Sometimes I do it because it’s a better deal online or because I don’t know where to find a particular brand.

Lately I think it’s just sheer laziness. This morning I ordered a product costing less than £1 (it includes free shipping that will arrive at some unknown point in the distant future). Part of me is amazed that I can click okay a few times and purchase items with this much ease. Another part of me is sad at what has become of my life. Sure, I don’t actually know where to buy electrical tape and have much better things to do with my time than figure it out but this isn’t a big or worthy purchase. It’s just kind of sad.

The biggest downside of this lifestyle other than the fact that I am slowly killing local retailers with my every click — Amazon is to big retailers what Walmart was once to independent businesses in small towns — is that I also have to wait around for my package when it finally decides to arrive. Usually someone is home but other times no one is. I had one package come down to Edinburgh only to be sent back to Glasgow when no one was home. Mercifully it returned back to Edinburgh the next day with a heaping pile of minor purchases made by other lazy students.


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