My obligatory haggis post

Before I left my sister was really big into haggis. She’d make jokes about how I absolutely had to try it. The classic ones about what goes into haggis not that it is any more disgusting that what goes into our hot dogs or what we do to our livestock in general. Blood pudding also seems a little gross so I haven’t been dying to try it .

Here in the UK you can get crisps in a variety of outlandish flavours including prawn cocktail and yes haggis. I happily bought the haggis chips expecting them to be better than the chicken ones — sadly they taste like chicken and I don’t really like chicken — and as good as weirdly flavoured chips tend to be. The haggis ones mostly tasted like peppercorn. Or more accurately like licking a really intense peppercorn. It was a bit much and I chucked it in the bin.

I did try haggis early on because I felt like I should. I opted for vegetarian haggis because the whole lungs thing is a bit gross. I’m not a big meat eater in general. I am not one of those travelers who eats street meat but I love street falafel. It was good for the first few bites then I was overwhelmed by the spices. There was just so much pepper and other strong spices in it that I couldn’t handle it. A few bites later I gave up and offered the veggie haggis to my friend. She is hispanic and loved it. Apparently they can handle spices.

When I later complained about not liking haggis people made comments about how I had to try real haggis with meat it in. Then I would be able to properly judge whether or not haggis was for me. The veggie stuff apparently wasn’t real enough. When out for brunch we got a traditional Scottish breakfast complete with haggis. It’s cool that you can get haggis just about anywhere here and people really do eat it.

I went through eating in descending order of what was the tastiest. I eventually got to the haggis. I’d been overwhelmed by spice the last time but felt I should try it again. When in Rome. A couple of bites in my original thoughts were confirmed: haggis is gross and I don’t like it. It’s not the grossness of the ingredients but the overwhelming spice mixture that is enough to melt your face off. My friend who had previously quite enjoyed the veggie haggis reluctantly agreed to try it. Once again she loved it because it was so flavourful.


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