Beautiful ruins

I went down to St. Andrews on Saturday as part of a trip organized by Reslife at the uni. I was excited when I first booked it but then had second thoughts when I realized it conflicted with a big rugby game that a lot of people I knew were going to. I wanted to skip it but I’d already paid and committed.

I’m glad I went because I ended up having a lot of fun. I ran into a couple of people I’d seen at other events. More than that I really liked St. Andrews. It’s an interesting little town with nice shopping streets that reminded me of Jasper and Canmore in the Rockies. Small places with lots of cafes and cute shops. I think I’d get bored if I went to uni there but it had a fun vibe to it.

The castle and the cathedral were an interesting surprise. I’ve been to quite a few castles and find it hard to get excited about them. Really hard. It’s ABC syndrome. These two were different. They are in ruins with the sea right below them. It was something different from what you find everywhere else. Instead of feeling sad or decrepit the castle and cathedral felt peaceful and beautiful.


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