Choices and opportunities

Yesterday I went on a trip to St. Andrews organized by Reslife at the uni. The ticket cut off was quite early and I bought them after seeing a few people posting about it on Facebook. Later I learned that a big rugby match against ironically St. Andrews was happening on the same day and people I were meeting all planned on going together. I was annoyed and regretted buying the ticket. I wanted to go to the rugby game with everyone else but couldn’t.

Despite my misgivings the trip ended up being really fun and I ran into a couple of people I’d met at other events as well as making some new friends on the bus. Two of the people I hung out with were exchange students who only have four or five months to see and do as much as possible. The rest of us were one year master students who felt the same way. We have more time but we also have more work to do.

I felt that my exchange was just too short and I left right when I was getting settled. Now I have more life experience and have been trying to hit the ground running. I want to meet people and make friends. It usually takes several months or even a year to settle in and meet people. I feel like I don’t have that kind of time. I want to meet people now and have time to enjoy friendships instead of meeting them in the spring. I also want to see as much of Scotland and Edinburgh as possible. I have an endless list of day trip ideas and a fewer big trips I’d like to take in the spring once I hand in my last assignments. We’re a cheap flight away from the rest of Europe. Then there are more societies and clubs than you have time for. I want to be active and take advantage of living next to the gym.

There are so many things to do. When you attend a uni like this there are an endless array of opportunities and eventually you have to make choices. You can’t do everything and your head will explode if you try. During Welcome Week we were encouraged to find balance and I will try my hardest to do this and to pick the things that I really care about. You also have to take advantage of little chunks of time. You can do 45 minutes of reading before bed or write a blog post while waiting for rice to cook. You have to learn to say no to things that you just don’t have time for or don’t care about. I am currently ignoring Doors Open Day even though I could happily spend the day merrily going to every spot possible. I have to read, go through photos from yesterday, buy some binders and my parents want to Skype.

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