Go nuts

Growing up I loved the PB&J sandwiches. This was in the bit of the ’90s before the school would have freaked out over a kid bringing a peanut butter sandwich to school so it wasn’t a big deal then. There were a few years when I brought one pretty much every day.

From what my parents say I may have been a picky eater. Some people still accuse me of this. I like to think that I am more open minded these days. I will eat most things as long as they are not on my list of inedibles. I won’t necessarily smile or be happy but I will consume it if I am your guest. I like to think that instead of being a picky eater I am someone who likes what they like and likes it a lot. I can gladly eat the same things over and over again until I move on to something better.

After a while I got sick of PB&Js. In the spring I got back into peanut butter. I had a bunch of roommates from Italy and they were fascinated by the peanut butter concept. We all started eating it straight out of the jar. Before leaving for here I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on any peanut butter. Maybe the spring was my period of indulgence to get me through a long absence. I thought about packing some but just didn’t have space. I also threatened to make anyone who came to visit bring me a jar of peanut butter.

After visiting the housing I was to be living in I popped into the nearest grocery store to survey the options. It turned out they stock three separate varieties of peanut butter. Maybe it’s all the international students living in this area or that the Scots have discovered this miraculous food too. I couldn’t believe my luck. All the peanut butter I could want and one of my roommates even decided to buy tiny colourful spoons that I have taken to using when I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar.


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