I am generally a fan of skinny jeans. It took me a while to warm up to them but once I found a pair that fit well I abandoned my skepticism. They’re stylish, practical and surprisingly comfortable especially if you are a cyclist.

The low waist thing on the other hand is a terrible idea. For the last ten years or so women have been subjected to a style that makes them wear a belt and live in constant fear of bending over. I accepted it because those were the pants I could buy.

Not anymore. This summer I was running low on pants (and may have posted a couple of times about how shopping for pants is the worst). I found some high-waisted pants because apparently that is the trend these days. I tried them on and they were comfortable so I bought them.

Now they are the only pants aside from my hiking pants that I feel comfortable in. The rest feel tight and awkward. I live in fear of having to bend over or sit down. Today I was scuttling along on the floor at the library looking for books as one does and for a change I didn’t have to constantly tug my shirt down to make sure it was covering anything my low-waisted and horribly impractical pants happened to be exposing. Instead I knew that there was more than enough material to prevent indecent exposure.

High-waisted pants are a revelation and I don’t know how we lived so long without them. Now I just have to wear my old pants enough to kill them and convert my entire stock over. Sadly, since I wear the pants I like best I don’t think they’ll be getting much action.


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