Growing up there were a few coffee mugs around the house. We never drank out of them. We still don’t. They are used to keep change or pens in. They are most assuredly not for drinking coffee out of. My mother even bought a fancy mug from the brand our other dishes are from but didn’t put it in the cupboard for use. There are some pencils in it.

I don’t get this lifestyle. It’s not harmful in any way but I don’t understand it. I always loved going over to my friends houses and drinking out of their whimsical mugs.

It’s not like we didn’t have cups or anything to drink out of. There were glasses, some of which were round. I liked these. The square ones are an abomination and I dislike them the way I dislike Chelsea Boots. I do not approve of square dishes and will not own any in my future maybe adult life that will potentially include owning my own plates, bowls and cups. All of them will be round, this is the shape that dishes were meant to be. My mother has also been rebelling against the mason jar trend by putting pens in them instead of keeping them snuggly in the cupboard to ward of the evils of our set of square glasses.

In one of the many strange acts of rebellion and to make up for something that I always wanted but didn’t have I have started buying mugs. (Kind of like my obsession with patches.) You can get them for cheap at any thrift store. My max is $1.50. At one point in time I thought I’d have to shell out $15 for these things. Nope. Shop smart and you can fill a cupboard for $10 or $20. Every time I enter a thrift store I seem to come out with a mug of some kind. I now have a box filled with mugs and no home or kitchen to put them in yet. They’re just waiting. Frankly, I like buying them.

I also have  an unfortunate reputation for leaving half finished mugs an cups around the house.

I bought the first one while on a tour of the Women In Need Society thrift store near Forest Lawn (for Calgary folk it’s great and you should shop there). It has a pelican and something about Newfoundland on it. From there I started throwing a dollar away on mugs a bit at a time. An I heart NY mug here. A coffee makes me twerk mug there. They’re cheap and whimsical and I think one day I do watercolour paintings of all of them. I spend more on dinosours or funny Christmas presents. A dollar isn’t too bad for a practical collection.


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