There is a lot of Harry Potter in the city. Not just in the cafes that J.K. Rowling wrote in or hotels rooms she spent time in. A section of the student centre here is called Potterrow.

Being in student housing and having common rooms reminds me of the social structures in the book. While they are drawn from classes and traits they also form important things in identity for people. The people and area you live with end up being your social circle and group.

One of my roommates was asking me which house I thought I’d be in and I said either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Of course everyone says Gryffindor. They were the heroes of the books and the perspective from which it is told. The Slytherins are often the bad guys and smack of upper class smuggness and racism. Ravenclaws are the nerds — I have no idea why Hermione didn’t end up there. The Hufflepuffs are caring, hardworking and loyal. They are thought of as boring and being a Hufflepuff is often used as an insult. Apparently Mindy Kaling thinks that no one wants to be a Hufflepuff.

She wondered why Hufflepuff and I said that it always seemed like a fit for me. To settle things once and for all I signed up for Pottermore and did the sorting process. Since J.K. Rowling wrote the test many considered it authoritative. My fascination with talking toad stools and forests turned me out as a Hufflepuff. Reading over the Gryffindor descriptions I don’t think that I am as reckless and daring as they are. I don’t think reckless is a word that many would use to describe me.

I’m happy with my result and I don’t think I’d belong anywhere else. The Slytherins are well Slytherins, the Ravenclaws are too competitive and nerdy and the Gryffindors while fun and the main characters are also reckless. Several people hated James Potter for his arrogant behaviour. Maybe it was because he was a teenager or maybe because each set of traits used to sort people has both good and bad sides. Really Hufflepuffs are just a bunch of hardworking loyal hippies.

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