I have mixed feelings about having roommates. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes they are annoying and you wish you didn’t have to be in the presence of another human being.

One of the most annoying things they do, and this seems to happen a lot, is comment on what you’re eating. That, “Oh, you’re having that for dinner (again)?” moment that makes me want to give them a stare that will boil this nose off.

Why yes I am having cereal or oatmeal (brinner seems to get the worst comments) or perogies or none of your judgmental business. You eat weird stuff too and I don’t harass you about it.

Anyways I am having cereal for dinner partially because it is tasty. Partially because I have the stuff to make it (including a container because the one bowl we’ve bought so far went somewhere). Partially because other people are cooking something and taking up all the space. And partially because I want to. Now stop looking at me like that.


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