Coming over early

I decided to come out here earlier than my move in date so I would have time to get settled and be around for any surprise events that happened before I could move in. if you’re studying abroad you should think about doing the same.

When I moved to Copenhagen I arrived the day before move in and missed all of my faculties welcome week. I wasn’t very impressed by this. I don’t understand why unis insist on having events before many of their students will have arrived but they seem to.

The same thing has happened with my current studies. This is in part because it is a joint program between two unis but the schedule also means that we started before many students will have arrived and students at my uni will miss most of their welcome week because classes are starting. I was hoping to spend next week settling in, attending boring speeches and painful networking events, registering for a doctor and bank and trying to make friends. Instead I get to try and do all those things while also trying to make friends and navigate registrations.

Being here early means that I at least know how to take the buses and get around. I’ve figured out where to buy the stuff I will need. I’ve also beaten my jet lag (more or less), which was part of the plan. There is nothing like starting classes and also feeling lost and exhausted.


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