A 4am snack of seedles grapes and shortbread cookies

The jet lag continues to kick my ass. It’s 4:22 am and I’ve been up since 3. Yesterday I woke up at 2 so that’s progress. I want to go back to bed but yesterday that ate up my whole day.

Besides there are things to do. Facebook links to click and photos to edit. I have places I should go out and see. I want to find the building my classes will be in and my residence building today. I can live on shortbread cookies alone.

Yesterday I explored Leith, the area I am staying in. It’s fairly small and compact. I’d wandered the main streets during my first few nights of exploring. What I really wanted to do was see it during the day when things had a better chance of being open. Things never seem to be open here. It’s weird. Even during the day lots of stuff was shuttered. I ordered take out mac and cheese that was underwhelming yesterday at 4 pm. I asked how late they were open and they said they would be closed in half an hour. Just in time for the dinner rush.

This area is cool as the guidebook suggested it would be. It reminds me a bit of Gastown in Vancouver. There’s the water. Then there’s the feeling that there’s not as much here as you were lead to believe. Yes, there are cafes and shops and bars but is this it? Maybe it’s because none of the cafes are open past 5:00 pm and none of the pubs open until later in the day. At least a third of stuff is closed.

There’s a hip looking place that does weekend brunch I want to try today. Given the exchange rate brunch is actually cheaper here.

There are actual high streets here and the old Victorian style row houses are lovely. The one my guest house is in is a lot more narrow than the houses back home with those winding staircases it’s fun to carry luggage up.

There are lots of buses so you can get into the city if you want to go there (and random places if you aren’t paying attention). It’s nice being back in a place where there’s transit and you can get by happily without a car. This city already feels small compared to Calgary and Vancouver. It’s only 250,000 most of the year so it’s easy to get by on the buses. I don’t miss having to drive to the grocery store or wait half an hour or more for my bus to come.


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