In the past I’ve had pretty good experiences with jet lag. It happens but I usually don’t have it as bad as some people I know. The trick is to prepare yourself, sleep at the right times during your flight and then force yourself to stay awake.

Before leaving I woke up at 5:30 am. I was impressed with myself when I managed to actually get up for my alarm instead of hurling my iPhone to the other side of the room. The goal was to be tired when I boarded my flight because it would be night in the UK then. It worked and I was thoroughly sleepy at the airport. For some reason the lights were on full brightness so I pulled my hoodie over my face and slept through at least one drink service. Yeah, I was that cool girl on the plane and my hair looked awesome afterwards. After about three hours of that they finally dimmed the lights and I slept intermittently spending as much time trying to be asleep as sleeping. I was also pretty twitchy.

My layover was painful though it was easy to find my gate. Before boarding was called I decided to stand to avoid falling asleep and missing my flight. I tried to sleep during the extremely short flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh but mostly failed. I did sleep through however long it was we waited in the queue to take off. I was a bit of a mess and glad I’d already cleared customs. I felt better after getting off but was not excited when my cab driver decided to speak to me. I was like dude I do not want to form sentences right now and this is hard for me okay? (He was actually really nice and had helpful suggestions for me.)

Certain members of my family go with a more flexible approach of napping whenever they feel tired. Their jet lag can go on for a week or two. In my opinion you just have to suck it up and stay awake. I do remember one time falling asleep while unpacking socks (literally on the edge of the bed with socks in my hand) after a three flight trip that lasted about forty hours. When I arrived at my guest house I was determined not to nap. The best way to do this was to go for a long walk exploring the area nearby.

I didn’t feel excited to have arrived. I mostly wanted to sleep. Instead, I forced my boots on and went for a four hour walk. The trick is to get yourself nice and far away so you have to spend a long time getting back. I spent the last hour before my 9 p.m. bedtime doing random things on the Internet. I slept for fourteen hours.

I felt better today but still had to force myself to keep wandering around. The farther the more time it takes up I reminded myself while wandering the Royal Mile and wanting to sleep. I feel energized now and think tomorrow will be better — I may have cheated by buying a sugary caffeine filled beverage on the way home.


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