On imminence

I like the word imminent mostly because it is used as a line in Stranger Than Fiction that goes, “Little did he know that this simple, seemingly innocuous act would result in his imminent death.” The main character replied by shouting various objections to the imminence of his death. It just rolls of the tongue, it helps that I say it in the British accent of the narrator.

Things feel imminent these days. I am packing all those last minute little things that I actually need for my daily life. I am making those tough decisions about what to leave so I can save a pound or two. I am getting ready to say goodbye to Calgary — sadly I am doing this by sitting at home where the air is clean and breathable. I am figuring out those last minute things that I am supposed to do for my classes. There is a to do list that I am running out of time to get through. My departure is no longer a distant thing, plans for the future. The summer is over and it is here. I am both excited and somewhat freaked out. Those two often go hand in hand.


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