Smoke and driveways

August is now an old creature, which will be leaving us shortly. After collecting the measly pickings that the Canada Pension Plan has to offer it and working part-time (like many seniors must have to do when CPP is less than rent) August will be passing into the realm of our memories and bookending another summer with it.

It has been a good one. i wrote some things, drew some stuff and took many pictures. My new blogs have not taken off in the way that I may have hopped and I have yet to attract enough Instagram followers to live off square photographs alone but that is life. The future always presents better options. You just have to try to do useful things with your time. I found a nice balance between my desire to sit at home, the need to do mundane tasks that are a necessary part of life and going out and exploring.

It has been smoky in Calgary due to some forest fires in Washington State. They are a reminder of how connected we all are and some of the bleak consequences of climate change. For two days I got a headache and sore throat whenever I left the house. Today it is clear and I feel like I can go outside again. It wasn’t supposed to be until Friday and I was planning on hiding at home after running a couple of necessary errands. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand there are so many things to do and I have no idea how or when I will do them all. On the other hand I can now go outside and enjoy this city for a few more days before I leave. This place once again feels like home but I can’t wait to be in Europe where things are old and they have trains.

Today I participated in the last set of pre-departure online sessions and spent far too long researching insurance. Shit is getting real. I know what time my flight leaves. I am pretty much packed — not that I haven’t been for a few weeks but still. Aside from a couple of pairs of boots and some lotion my world possessions are in two suitcases ready for adventure.


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