Pucks and soccer balls

I am watching a random hockey show where they debate who is a better scorer in a March Madness style table. I can’t say that I actually care about who is a better scorer than the other guy. The highlights and mullet comments are great and almost make it worthwhile. So why am I watching a show I don’t care about?

Soccer is on afterwards. I love soccer and rarely get to watch it. Being a Canadian soccer fan is a pretty sad existence. Games are almost never on tv and when they are it’s a weird times. I am hoping that living in Scotland people will care about soccer and that games will be a lot easier to come by. At the very least scores and highlights will be a part of the newscycle.

Sadly, there will be no hockey. It’s always a little weird adjusting to the lack of hockey when abroad. There’s a hockey team in Edinburgh but they’re pretty much the equivalent of the MLS here. I guess I can watch part of World Juniors at Christmas.


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