I am currently unable to locate my usual sketchbook. This is not to say that it is lost, just that I’m not totally sure where it is. It has to be around here somewhere. Until it magically turns up in a place that makes me say, “Really past Rhi you put this here,” I need to find another place to draw.

Ever since junior high school I’ve been drawing in 8×10 sketchbooks with coil bound spines and black covers. I put stickers on them still because I always have. I’m not a big fan of change. I like what I like and I like it. These habits are comfortable and nice. I use 8×10 multimedia books for my watercolour too.

Part of it is I like the space, the weight of the paper and the coil spine. Part of it is that I feel comfortable drawing in these sketchbooks. I have an idea in my head of what one draws in a Moleskin for example and it’s not what I draw. I always feel like an imposter or a failure when I draw in Moleskins. The stunning scanned photos I’ve seen on Pinterest just aren’t something I can replicate. Those sketchbooks are also really expensive.

Since my other sketchbook is MIA I am drawing in a sketchbook my sister gave me as a Christmas present. It’s from a hipster store in Moscow with a beautiful cover. I originally thought of maiming it and setting aside the front and back to be framed at a later date. More recently I’ve been thinking of using it for pencil drawings. It has crisp medium dark brown papers rather than the normal white. It’s smaller. More like a book. But I’m enjoying it. There’s less space to fill. It’s kind of like a vacation to a foreign land that is different from where you live in interesting ways.


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